Welcome at the Big Data  System and Analytics Lab @ UNB

D ata systems are going through a major transition due to the challenges of Big Data processing. The outcome of this shift is the emergence of a new breed of systems that can handle data at massive scales. At our lab we are doing research to address the issues with Big Data and to build the next generation of systems to efficiently ingest, store,  retrieve and manipulate data.

We are interested in various aspects of Big Data management, including the management of spatial, spatio-temporal, graph data. Our activities include research in the following areas:
  - Big Data and database management systems
  - Spatial, spatio-temporal and graph data processing
  - Query processing with new hardware
  - Parallel databases and scalable Big Data systems
  - Privacy-aware query processing
  - Data analytics: Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Grid, Healthcare and Cybersecurity

The lab is part of the Faculty of Computer Science, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton. The University of New Brunswick, Fredericton is one of the top comprehensive universities of Canada. The Faculty of Computer Science is the first faculty of computer science in Canada and a leader in Atlantic Canada since 1968 with the oldest and most successful COOP program in Atlantic Canada.

We look forward to working with you!

Last updated: August, 2017